The Family

Legacy Manor is owned and operated by Katherine E. Dymond

Legacy Manor

After searching for several years for a farm to permanently call home, Legacy Manor was finally established in January of 2000. I have been working on building quality registered breeding stock since 1995, and I am excited to offer customers a chance to have some of the best tasting and healthiest food around.

Legacy Manor is in Washington County, Maryland just 4 minutes north of Antietam Battlefield. The main house is approximately 100 years old and is one of two parcels left of an original land grant. I have just under 111 acres in livestock production.

“The Way Food Used To Taste”

Nearly every meat product you buy in the store is confinement raised, tasteless and either too tough or too mushy. Poultry and pork comes from a ‘modified’ gene pool that is bred for fast growth with minimum feed consumption and beef is implanted with growth hormones to encourage a better feed conversion. They are fed feed containing sub-therapeutic antibiotics and growth enhancers including arsenic and ionophores which can leave drug residuals in the meat you consume, not to mention the health risks of the growers themselves.

Here at Legacy Manor, on the other hand, all livestock is allowed to live as naturally as possible, meaning free ranging and intermingling. I strive for as natural and as stress-free environment as I can which makes for a much happier, naturally healthier animal.

I chose to raise ‘heritage’ pork and turkey because of the old world taste and texture they offer. These old breeds are naturally flavored and since they get lots of exercise, they have a nice firm pleasing texture. These breeds are also naturally more resistant to disease than the current hybrids virtually eliminating the need for antibiotics and vaccinations.

I source all my hay and grains locally and with the help of specie specific nutritionists, feeds are formulated and mixed specifically for each specie.