Welcome to the Farm

Our goal is to produce foods that are robust, nutritious and full of flavor the way our ancestors food used to be. You will also have the peace of mind knowing exactly where your food comes from - your local farmer! All livestock is tended with a gentle hand and without added hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Our garden is maintained without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We raise 'Heritage Breeds' for Heritage Taste!

We Currently Offer

Angus Beef
Wagyu/Angus Beef
Heritage Pork
Berkshire Pork
Broilers and Roasters


Our market garden features old time vegetables with lots of flavor and the occasional bug or worm!

What's Happening?

  • (6/17) We're happy to announce that the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam will be held at LMF! Sep. 14-16. See article
  • (8/27) Our new Wagyu-Angus Beef and Pork price lists have both been posted. Make sure you have the current copy!
  • The Farm is open daily for pickups. See the Contact page for hours.
  • At this time we don't ship - pick up at the farm or contact us for other arrangements
  • Move over, I need to cool off too!
  • "Move over, I need to cool off too." They seem comfortable!

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